Maltese Large Biskutelli

Big Biskutelli (Rusks)

First manufactured sometime in the early 1900’s, back then it took the best part of a day to produce. Biskuttelli are large, hard dry biscuit: a twice baked bread. Baking twice was a method used to preserve bread in dry climates, a method extensively used in times of war. Baked in a stone oven usually over night, on more than one occasion the family over slept and the rusks were found to be over baked. Whilst still being produced using the same traditional method, modern innovation and technology has reduced the production times, though keeping the traditional taste and quality intact.

Enjoyed after being soaked in coffee or tea, be careful not to soak for too long… or they will get too soggy and end up inside your cup. Biskuttelli can also be spread with jam or eaten alone. Either way, once bitten, a taste of aniseed and caraway seeds will be released in your mouth.

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